[Samba] First attempt file access denied subsequent file accesses granted

Wikked one wikked1 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 3 14:43:17 GMT 2009

Hi List,

            We’re running
3.0.28.el4.9 on CentOS 4.7 in a production environment with one minor annoyance.
This is a very inconsistent behavior ,frequent enough top be annoying ,yet
unpredictable enough to warrant this email. 
Our Samba server is serving up a wide variety of files but in this
instance in particular are Visual Fox Pro tables (*.dbf).

When a user wishes to open a Fox Pro table with the browse
or use command from the Fox Pro command line ,the users is granted file
access. When a user makes an attempt to use the table through the GUI (windows file open,or explorer) the first
attempt results with an access denied message, however subsequent attempts
result in normal file access. I’ve been unable to find a parameter within Samba
that changes this behavior and as I related this is a very inconsistent
behavior.  I’m not entirely sure this is
a samba issue or if there maybe some windows registry setting that I can change on
the client machines, it is noteworthy it didn’t start happening until we
converted the file share to Samba. 

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated,

Thank you,

L. Kipp


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