[Samba] Re: Rename a PDC

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Tue Mar 3 06:22:04 GMT 2009

"David Wells" <d.wells at vitalcan.com.ar> wrote in message
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> Hi all
>     I'm faced with the task to rename (it's fqdn and it's netbios name)
> a samba server runing on Linux that acts as a PDC for a domain that has
> it's information in an LDAP backend and I was wondering, if anyone
> knows, what complications could I expect from this, for example,
> regarding the SID of the domain users and their roaming profiles.
>     Any input will be greatly appreciated.
>     Best regards, David Wells.
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I haven't done this in a while.  I don't remember all the issues.  Changing
the name of the server is likely to change the machine's sid.

You could take a  look at the net setlocalsid command to reset the new sid
back to the one that exists in your ldap database.

Take a look at the Samba How To.  Chapter 13 has a section  "Managing
Security Identifiers (SIDS)"

Another option is to modify the ldap database and replace the old sid with
the new one.  I would try the net setlocalsid command first.  This may cause
some issues with the roaming profiles.

I would recommend setting up a test domain and testing these options
properly before making changes to your production domain.

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