[Samba] Input/Output error when saving to samba profile directory

Dave Newman davey.newman at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 2 13:47:03 GMT 2009

> the profiles are stored on a different virtual disk, but I have mounted it
> on /var/samba/profiles with full write access.
> If I log on to the linux machine with my user credentials, I can create and
> delete files at the command line.
> When I create an SMB mount as that user on a different linux machine, I get
> an Input/Output Error if I try to change or delete a file.

OK, I thought it might be a strange interaction with the virtual disk mount,
so I simplified the situation by copying the profiles to the root partition.
I still have the same problem (which is comforting in a way, because I have
very little space on the root partition!)

I think the next stage is to use a protocol analyser I suppose. Anyone got
any suggestions?

It's annoying as I've got lots of windows people asking me to put a windows
domain server in, and if I can't get this working I suspect I'll have no
choice :-(

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