[Samba] Setting up a Samba school for a school environment

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Mon Mar 2 11:24:33 GMT 2009

> I have not used Samba for a couple of years and have recently looked into it to replace our 
> Novell Servers. I installed lenny and installed Samba 3.2.5. Looking at the configuration files 
> and the samba documentation i see a lot has changed.

Actually I don't think much as changed in the last couple of years.  But
reading over the changelogs is always a good idea.

> Can someone please give me some direction on where to start, we are looking to setup a 
> pdc and bdc with an ldap backend, if that is still possible.

It is very possible to create an NT4 domain PDC and that works well fo
what it is.  But it is hard to believe you'd want to setup an NT4 domain
these days:  it won't work at all with Windows 7, and Vista ignores the
old policy mechanism (ntconfig.pol).

As for how:
 - the official docs are very good.  I'd recommend them over whatever
you find lying about the Internet - many of which are really bad.

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