[Samba] samba user stays at the syatem !!!

J. Bakshi joydeep at infoservices.in
Mon Mar 2 07:40:51 GMT 2009

Dear list,

Here is a very strange problem !!!

I am using  samba-3.0.25b-1.1.cc in clarkconnect server. No problem to
use the samba shares at all. Authentication works with no hitch. But
samba users stay at the system. I have just checked with "who" and found
there are 250 samba users from 1st of Jan !!!!!

I tried to fond out the pid by "who -a" and kill those but then it says
"no such pid" even I tried *smbstatus* but kill says no such pid. I 
have really no clue what to do with this problem.  Day by day this
system is flooded  with more and more samba users.
Kindly suggest what to do. How can I kill those past samba users ?  How
can I instruct samba no to have the continue with unlogged users ?
Please show me the way.


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