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Regis Niggemann regisn at techheads.com
Tue Jun 30 16:55:20 GMT 2009

To me, that means that the Windows default profile has this set in it.  Once it is set on a user's profile, it will need to be reset for each user.  It's not uncommon for a system administrator to configure the an account the way they want it, then copy that users' profile to the Default Profile (typically under C:\Documents and Settings\Default User, to see it Hidden files/folders need to be visible).  For a domain-wide default profile, it can be located at \\domain-controller\netlogon\Default User.

One way to modify it is to create a temp user with administrative privileges, login as the temp user to get the Default Profile and modify the settings.  Log off as that user, then logon as an different administrative user.  Then use the profile copy tool (Control Panel, System, Advanced, User Profiles Settings, copy the Temp Users'profile to C:\Documents and Settings\Default User (per workstation) or \\domain-controller\netlogon\Default User (per domain).  This only fixes it for new users, or if you're doing mandatory profiles.

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It appears every user is getting this the first time the login to the
newly created domain after I enabled roaming profiles.  How can I
disable this without having to work on every machine?
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