[Samba] Windows XP login

Regis Niggemann regisn at techheads.com
Tue Jun 30 15:29:42 GMT 2009

In a Windows environment, the visibility of that file is dependent upon the client view option "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)", which controls view of files with the system flag set.  This is set on a per user basis.

Hope this helps!

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>>> This desktop.ini file is a hidden file that windows places in all
>>> folders of your system to store the preferences of your explorer view.
>>> The problem here is samba is making this hidden file in the startup
>>> folder of the start menu visible instead of default hidden.
>>> John
>> Thanks for info, what do I need to modify or configure in order for this
>> file to remain hidden on all clients?

> I have not solved that myself.

Nor have I.  It is a problem with windows clients on W2Kx domains as well.
 It also seems it might be tied to the clients view files and folder
settings, however I have not tested that variable.  But it's such a
trivial issue I haven't really done much to solve outside of hiding files


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