[Samba] Re: DNS Problems on `net ads join`

Mala Dibbs griori-mala at yahoo.de
Mon Jun 29 18:40:07 GMT 2009

Resolved. Needed to put fdqn in /etc/hosts in the first place for

Mala Dibbs wrote:
> Hi,
> im having Problems joining my ubuntu-Machine to a Win2k3 Active Directory.
> I tryed
> mala at ubuntu-05:/home$ sudo net ads join -U domainadmin
> domainadmin's password:
> Using short domain name -- INTRANET
> No DNS domain configured for localhost. Unable to perform DNS Update.
> DNS update failed!
> Joined 'UBUNTU-05' to realm 'INTRANET.LAN'
> What bothers my the most ist the line with 'localhost'. Where does this 
> come from? The ubuntu-Machine or the Windows-Directory? I want the 
> machine joined as ubuntu-05.intranet.lan. But after the join above, its 
> DNS Name is listed as 'localhost' instead of 'ubuntu-05.intranet.lan'.
> Is this a Problem of the Client (ubuntu-05) or the AD- and DNS-Server?
> Greets, mala

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