[Samba] client xp not remember password

Lonx Pani impanix at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 08:02:11 GMT 2009

Hi all,
I'm using Debian etch (kernel 2.6.18) with samba 3.0.24 + ldap 2.3.30
In my ogranization i've one server master ldap and 5 server slave with
syncrepl (about 200 client windows xp), each server is PDC for its local
network and all work fine.
I've a big problem when i set sambaPwdMustChange and the password exipre,
windows xp client notify expiration and the user change its password.
At the next logon the client lost all stored password like outlook, skype,
messenger, and all home banking certificate.
Someone have any idea to solve this problem?


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