[Samba] "pdbedit -P ..." not affecting all users/howtoforce one user to change password

tisdn tisdn tisdn.livre at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 16:49:55 GMT 2009

I think this is normal, because the policy "maximum passord age" is based on
the last time that the password of the user was changed.
If you are using ldap backend, you can set the "sambapwdlastset" user
attribute to value 1 to force password change.


2009/6/24 <mamgdzies at tlen.pl>

> Hello,
> I'm using samba 3.2.41 at Debian Lenny.
> I have some users in my smbpasswd file, now I'm trying to force them to
> change password once a given period.
> #pdbedit -P "maximum password age" -C 300
> Above-mentioned command is affecting ONLY "new" users (users created after
> first first launch of this command), "old" users are not affected, passwords
> doesn't expire.
> Why is this working like that? What I can do?
> Second case is: How to force one user to change password at next login? I
> assume that pdbedit option "must login to change password" should be used
> for that, but how to run it for one user?
> I have try smbpasswd, tdbsam and ldap user databases (using pdbedit
> import-export feature).
> I would be pleased for your help.
> Regards.
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