[Samba] CIFS mount not applying setuids

Ben Tyger ben.tyger at tygerclan.net
Wed Jun 24 13:11:15 GMT 2009

That's not a the problem.  I know the extensions are compiled in and
running on the client machine.  I can see the ACLs over the cifs mount
from the client machine.  It only becomes an issue when I try to write
files over the cifs mount.  At that point it writes the wrong
uid/gid/perms.  It even overwrites with the wrong permissions on an
existing file with the correct permissions.  I even tried loading the
cifs modules on the server, but that made no difference. 

François Legal wrote:
> UNIX extension wouldn't be available if they're not built-in the kernel or
> as a module (I never used it in the modular form).
> However (that may not apply well in your case), you could use pam_mount to
> do the mounting with the correct user credentials.

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