[Samba] Very slow transfers to Samba on Ubuntu

Ben Tyger ben.tyger at tygerclan.net
Wed Jun 24 13:02:53 GMT 2009

What type of file processors are you running along with samba?. Are you
running the virus checking plugin or VFS(recycle bin)? Virus checking is
very cpu and disk I/O intensive these can really slow down a samba
server. I can't expect VFS is all that cheap either when moving big files.

Raghu A wrote:
>> I mounted a samba volume on XP. XP and Ubuntu are connected over 100Mbps
>> ethernet (router).
>> I am writing a 4GB file from XP to Ubuntu and the transfer is extremely
>> slow : only around 1-1.5 MB/s.
>> This is not a network or disk issue since at the same time this transfer
>> is gonig on, I can scp the same file from XP to Ubuntu at 3-4 times faster
>> (around 6MB/s).
>> What could be wrong? Even for this slow transfer, smbd seems to be taking
>> quite a bit CPU (more than sshd for the transfer rate

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