[Samba] samba4-alpha 6 on Ubuntu Jaunty

James Bowes james.bowes at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 19 15:31:30 GMT 2009

First let me say thanks to the Samba team for all time and effort you have put forward.

Now I do not have a problem per se but am going to be testing some of the Alpha versions with respect to Ubuntu. I am interested in testing policies in particular but before I go through and do that I am curious about the dynamic dns and dhcp. I have always found DHCP to be a pain to set up in Linux and as I work in a predominantly Windows environment (did sneek in a Linux boxen for virtual machines), I can tell you that MSoft's version of DHCP is quite easy to work with.

Are there any plans to tie the DNS and DHCP as part of the provisioning process? That in and of itself would be fairly important to win administrators.

Thanks again.


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