[Samba] TOSHARG-BDC.xml translate finish and some bug found

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Now,TOSHARG-BDC.xml translate to Japanese finished.

and Some bug found.

Samba-3 can act as a Backup Domain Controller (BDC) to another Samba Primary Domain Controller (PDC). A
Samba-3 PDC can operate with an LDAP account backend. The LDAP backend can be either a common master LDAP
server or a slave server. The use of a slave LDAP server has the benefit that when the master is down, clients
may still be able to log onto the network.  This effectively gives Samba a high degree of scalability and is
                     logon to?
an effective solution for large organizations. If you use an LDAP slave server for a PDC, you will need to

Whenever a user logs into a Windows NT4/200x/XP Professional workstation,
                --------- log onto? or logon to? 
                          (login -> unix  ,logon -> windows?)
the workstation connects to a domain controller (authentication server) to validate that
the username and password the user entered are valid. If the information entered

The domain SID has to be the same on the PDC and the BDC. In Samba versions pre-2.2.5, the domain SID was
stored in the file <filename>private/MACHINE.SID</filename>.  For all versions of Samba released since 2.2.5
the domain SID is stored in the file <filename>private/secrets.tdb</filename>. This file is unique to each
server and cannot be copied from a PDC to a BDC; the BDC will generate a new SID at startup. It will overwrite
the PDC domain SID with the newly created BDC SID.  There is a procedure that will allow the BDC to aquire the
domain SID. This is described here.

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