[Samba] Read only configuration.

Whelan, Gerard Gerard.Whelan at iconplc.com
Tue Jun 9 17:36:44 GMT 2009


I currently I have a Samba share configured as follows:

comment = Public fileshare
path = /u02/pub
guest ok = Yes
writeable = Yes

There is a subfolder under /u02/pub called /u02/pub/expenses/hardware
that I need to make read only. How do I do this? I am new to using

I configured the share /u02/pub/expenses/hardware using the
configuration below. This works as it is shared as read only. 

comment = Hardware share
path = /u02/pub/expenses/hardware
read only = Yes
guest ok = Yes

User can still access the folder through
\\servername\pub\expenses\hardware with write permissions. How do I make
it read only? 
Thanks for your help.

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