[Samba] Changing samba PDC version but keeping the same IP address

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Jun 9 12:59:54 GMT 2009

from the man page:

netbios aliases (G)

           This is a list of NetBIOS names that nmbd will advertise as
           additional names by which the Samba server is known. This allows
           one machine to appear in browse lists under multiple names. If a
           machine is acting as a browse server or logon server none of 
           names will be advertised as either browse server or logon 
           only the primary name of the machine will be advertised with 

           Default: netbios aliases =  # empty string (no additional names)

           Example: netbios aliases = TEST TEST1 TEST2

i'd just give a CNAME in DNS to the new server with the old server's 
name, and use netbios alias so that the server also announces it's old 
name along with it's current netbios name =.  that way you don't have to 
mess with registry edits or anything, the server will accept responses 
for both names.

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