[Samba] Problem installing printer drivers in Samba

Olivier Nicole on at cs.ait.ac.th
Tue Jun 9 08:13:04 GMT 2009

A bit of follow-up.

> I am using the how-to at
> http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/classicalprinting.html
> It goes fine up to "installing drivers into [print$] using APW". I can
> see a list of drivers files growing into W32X86.
> But when I try to access the properties of a printer in
> \\samba\printers and faxs, it always tell me that there is no driver
> for that printer.
> When I try to connect any printer, it still says that I don't have the
> correct drivers installed and it offers to install the drivers on my
> Windows client.
> It is mentionned in the documentation above that Samba should keep a
> database of which driver corresponds to which printer. It could not
> see any such database, at least not in the .tdb files, I cannot find
> any ntdrivers.tdb in the Samba private directory.

I found the tdb's but:

ntdrivers.tdb seems OK, it lists the files used by each driver
ntprinters.tdb seems not OK: 
   - the data associated to each printer is the same (I don't know what 
     it means, but it's the same string of hexanumerical)
   - it contains one entry with the Unix printacp name as key while
     I defined "load printers=no"
   - it contains an entry for only one of the Unix printcap printers, not
     the others

When I add a printer driver to samba server [print$] I would expect to
see the association of the printer and the drivers reflected in one of
the tdb files, but apparently it never happens.

Help would be greately appreciated.



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