[Samba] I am so frustrated - Samba ports not opening and no error message

Walter Mautner walter.mautner at reflex.at
Sat Jun 6 08:19:58 GMT 2009

Am Freitag 05 Juni 2009 23:40:20 schrieb Matt Burkhardt:
> Okay - I've been plugging away and it got to the point that running
> smbclient was returning information about an Alfresco install that I
> never used, so I went ahead and deleted everything I could find on my
> machine that said "alfresco".  I then removed samba using apt-get from
> the machine by typing
> apt-get remove --purge samba
> I deleted the /etc/samba directory and re-installed samba.
> So now I've made sure that DHCP, DNS and OpenLDAP are now working
> correctly and I started to reconfigure Samba.  I start it up and I look
> at the log.smbd and log.nmbd files, don't see a single error message and
> when I run nmap - there's nothing listening on the ports that Samba is
> supposed to be using.  I have no firewall set up and nothing between me
> and the server.   Here's showing that the daemons are running:
>  ps -e | grep mb
>  6984 ?        00:00:00 nmbd
>  6986 ?        00:00:00 smbd
> Here's the results from nmap
>  nmap ubuntu
Is "ubuntu" equal to localhost or did you nmap remotely?

> Starting Nmap 4.53 ( http://insecure.org ) at 2009-06-05 17:34 EDT
> Interesting ports on
> Not shown: 1697 closed ports
> 22/tcp    open  ssh
> 53/tcp    open  domain
> 80/tcp    open  http
> 81/tcp    open  hosts2-ns
> 82/tcp    open  xfer
> 83/tcp    open  mit-ml-dev
> 111/tcp   open  rpcbind
> 389/tcp   open  ldap
> 443/tcp   open  https
> 631/tcp   open  ipp
> 901/tcp   open  samba-swat

That's the only samba-related port I can find open ...
You may try https://ubuntu:901 or uninstall the samba-swat package.

> On a side note - I can't stop samba by running
> sudo /etc/init.d/samba stop
> It kills the nmbd daemon but not the smbd daemon
Can you strace -p<pid-of-samba-daemon> and look where it hangs?

Interestingly, the attached logfiles don't show anything special.
You might as well try to specify (man smb.conf) a "interfaces" global 

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