[Samba] Does this tell me anything? Traffic report

Chris Smart mail at christophersmart.com
Mon Jun 8 02:25:01 GMT 2009

2009/6/8 Matt Burkhardt <mlb at imparisystems.com>:
> I'm trying to get Samba up and running and having a terrible time.  It
> says that I should be able to run nmap and see that 137 and 139 are open
> - which they are not.  I have not added any restrictions in smb.conf, do
> not have a firewall running and I have increased the log level to 5 to
> see all of the messages.  It says that it is talking on 137 but it kind
> of looks like it's not talking back.

Just a few thoughts:
Is Samba only listening on localhost rather than your ethernet device?
What does 'sudo netstat -lt' show?
Is the daemon running? 'sudo ps aux |grep smb'
Are you blocking anything in /etc/hosts.deny or /etc/hosts.allow?


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