[Samba] password authentification

Edward Ned Harvey samba at nedharvey.com
Sun Jun 7 03:42:08 GMT 2009

> Hasn't SWAT been deprecated and unsupported for a very long time?

If so - I never heard of that - but then again - I don't spend my days
reading about the latest developments in samba - I just take the version
which shipped with my OS, and configure it to be useful - and most OSes are
still shipping with samba 3.0 in which case SWAT is tremendously useful.
I've never yet had any inclination to go above samba 3.0, because it's so
stable and more usable than anything which doesn't compile or isn't
available precompiled or lacks such a critical feature as an admin

But mostly because samba 3.0 ships with all the OSes that I use, and thanks
to swat, is easily and consistently configurable and stable.  (Speaking for
RHEL4, RHEL5, (and centos), solaris, and opensolaris).  I am aware newer
versions of samba come with fedora and ubuntu, but I never use fedora or

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