[Samba] Changing samba PDC version but keeping the same IP address

Toby Bluhm tkb at alltechmedusa.com
Thu Jun 4 12:33:24 GMT 2009

Frank Bonnet wrote:
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> Hello
> We are facing a bit boring problem
> We are on the way to upgrade our PDC from 2.2.8 to 3.2.11
> as we do not want to reconfigure the PDC IP address on several
> hundreds of windows XP clients we have chosen to keep the same
> IP address for the new PDC.
> The problem is windows clients does not update the name of network
> drives and keep the old names even connected to the new PDC server
> and it's new shares ...
> I suspect there are some caching mechanisms that are not completely
> cleaned (!!!) by windows.
> Any infos on "how to clean widows caches" are welcome.

If I understand you correctly, you mean everything is working just fine, 
but the server name displayed in file explorer for the network drive 
letter is still the old server name.

If that's it, check the registry:


Delete the entries for the server & it will automatically refresh to the 
current setting.


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