[Samba] Problem with Mac OS X Clients

Christian Wernitz christian.wernitz at kontrast.de
Thu Jun 4 11:19:21 GMT 2009


I have installed a Debian / Lenny with Samba 3.2.5 and put it in an  
existing Domain.

All works fine. I can Authenticate the Users and and give them  
permissions to write while I connect from a Windows- or Linux-Client.
When I`m conecting from an Mac OS X Client and create a new Folder,  
the Permission is always 755. (from other clients 770)

my smb.conf:
         security = domain
         workgroup = XXX
         netbios name = file-server01
         encrypt passwords = yes
         log level = 2

         path = /daten/test
         browseable = yes
         writeable = yes
         valid users = @mygroup
         create mask = 0660
         directory mask = 0770

I also tried to create an own PDC (samba with ldap) and I have the  
same problems.

Can anybody help me, or had anybody the same problems?

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