[Samba] Samba+Ldap problems

Tim Bates tin at new-life.org.au
Thu Jun 4 00:03:35 GMT 2009

dogbert wrote:
> Ok, a little update on this issue.
> I've changed the various common-* within /etc/pam.d and I've obtained 
> the following.
> Now I can connect with ssh or su with a user defined in ldap as long 
> as this user is present also in /etc/passwd.
> It seems that the system check for the user account in /etc/passwd and 
> then it check for password under ldap.
> Now if a user try to change his password (with the passwd command) it 
> works through ldap.
> While using "getent passwd" I still obtain only the users contained in 
> /etc/passwd.
I'd suggest having a good read of this page:

If you're still having no LDAP results show up with getent, then there's 
issues with nsswitch still. The nsswitch.conf you sent me looks right, 
so I'd put my money on a problem in your ldap client settings. Check 
/etc/ldap.conf and /etc/ldap/ldap.conf and make sure anything set there 
is correct. Also check that a basedn is set in one of them and the host 
is set correctly.

You may also want to check you can access the LDAP data from an LDAP 
viewer... I use phpldapadmin to check actual content, and LAM to manage 
accounts. But any LDAP client that shows the tree will help.


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