SOLVED Re: [Samba] Problems starting Server 2008 x64 after added to samba domain

simo idra at
Tue Jun 2 21:33:34 GMT 2009

On Tue, 2009-06-02 at 16:15 -0500, Mike Eggleston wrote:
> On Tue, 02 Jun 2009, Robert Ludvik might have said:
> > Robert Ludvik pravi:
> > >Hi
> > >I have a problem with Windows Server Ent (and Std) 2008 x64 running on 
> > >IBM Blade Center. I can add it to the Samba domain but when I restart 
> > >it, it comes to "Applying computer settings..." and if I connect with 
> > >rdesktop I can see a screen saying "Please wait for the group policy 
> > >client" and after some minutes it restarts. I can boot it in Safe 
> > >mode, remove from domain and it will start with no problem.
> > >I have no issues with Server 2008 Ent 32 bit running on PC.
> > >Any ideas where can I look for help? I installed all updates and SP2 ...
> > >Regards
> > >Robert Ludvik
> > >
> > 
> > Don't expect something spectacular ;-)
> > When you successfully add your 64-bit server to your existing domain, 
> > UNPLUG the network cable before you restart it. Wait until you get logon 
> > screen, plug the network cable back and login with your domain account.
> > Has to do something with server wants to talk to PDC when it starts up 
> > for the first time after it's joined to domain to exchange some security 
> > info (or something, I don't care :-)
> > Enjoy
> > Robert Ludvik
> I have a similar problem with windows server 2008 standard 64 bit. I
> downgraded to windows server 2003 and the box works fine. Dell tech
> support tells me that 2008 is 'too new' and will not work with the NT4
> PDC that samba provides and that windows server 2003 support fixes from
> microsoft will stop this year, so (dell says) I need to prepare and plan
> to get rid of my samba pdc.

You will be able to use a samba PDC even with Windows 7 although it may
be required to change some registry setting, so I wouldn't say you
really have to dump it for now.


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