SOLVED Re: [Samba] Problems starting Server 2008 x64 after added to samba domain

Robert Ludvik robert.ludvik at
Tue Jun 2 21:09:35 GMT 2009

Robert Ludvik pravi:
> Hi
> I have a problem with Windows Server Ent (and Std) 2008 x64 running on 
> IBM Blade Center. I can add it to the Samba domain but when I restart 
> it, it comes to "Applying computer settings..." and if I connect with 
> rdesktop I can see a screen saying "Please wait for the group policy 
> client" and after some minutes it restarts. I can boot it in Safe 
> mode, remove from domain and it will start with no problem.
> I have no issues with Server 2008 Ent 32 bit running on PC.
> Any ideas where can I look for help? I installed all updates and SP2 ...
> Regards
> Robert Ludvik

Don't expect something spectacular ;-)
When you successfully add your 64-bit server to your existing domain, 
UNPLUG the network cable before you restart it. Wait until you get logon 
screen, plug the network cable back and login with your domain account.
Has to do something with server wants to talk to PDC when it starts up 
for the first time after it's joined to domain to exchange some security 
info (or something, I don't care :-)
Robert Ludvik

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