[Samba] Re: Finding logged users with smbstatus

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Mon Jun 1 10:54:07 GMT 2009

Il 31-05-2009 14:44, John Drescher ha scritto:

> If a user has been inactive for a while the connection is closed and
> you will not see them in smbstatus.

Er... thanks, but... how long is that "for a while"? :)

I wanted to test this, and left a user logged in since yesterday at 
19:07 (GMT+1). There's nobody there now who can access the machine, I 
logged him in remotely using VNC and then closed my VNC connection.

Now, more than 17 hours later, "smbstatus -p" still shows his process.
Also a plain "smbstatus" shows a connection from his workstation to a 
service (a Samba share), started exactly yesterday at 19:07.

The user has a couple of icons on the desktop which somehow link to the 
Samba server: a link to a subfolder (which actually doesn't exist 
anymore) in a Samba share, and a link to a web page whose icon is taken 
from a Samba share. But, without using them, I'm not sure they can cause 
any activity on the server.

And, indeed, I see no activity in the Samba logs for that user.

On the other hand, I just realized that the antivirus is checking each 
hour for new updates in a "guest ok" Samba share, with no 
authentication. So I have periodic activity from that machine, but not 
from that particular user.

Whatever the reason, if the connection remains active for a whole 
working day without user intervention that's more than enough for me!


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