[Samba] Joining samba domain post heartbeat install

David Christensen David.Christensen at viveli.com
Thu Jul 30 22:30:30 MDT 2009

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I successfully setup heartbeat and glusterfs (instead of DRBD) to
provide an HA Samba configuration.  I tested that fail over worked fine
all the existing computers were able to get to their shares and re
authenticate users.

However I discovered that I was not able to join computers to the domain
after the configuration was setup.  The netbios name was changed to
accommodate the new heartbeat VIP and the new VIP is the only address I
have samba bound to.

When I go to add the computer to the domain, type to the domain in and
hit enter, I am presented with a login dialog box.  When I enter the
admin and password and hit enter, after a few seconds I get the warning
that a controller for the domain could not be foumd.

I suspect that there is some caching going on and (maybe) winbind is
using the old info for the PDC and not the new?

Are there any caches I could clear that may fix this?  Am I on the right
track or is there somethign else I should be looking at?
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