[Samba] Cannot Access Workgroup shares

Dan Grindstaff dan at oakrun.net
Wed Jul 29 20:26:50 MDT 2009


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Quoting Dan Grindstaff <dan at oakrun.net>:

> Hello All,
> I have set up samba server 3.0.33-0.fc8 and successfully created a share
> accessible by all machines in my workgroup.  When I open up network on my
> linux box I can see all other machines in the workgroup.  I have set up
> other shares on other machines and am able to see them but when I try to
> open the share from linux I get login message. I do not want to have to
> in from linux.  I have set up the shares on the windows machines to be
> accessible to everyone. TIA for any and all advice.

Well the Linux client behavior probably has little to do with the  
server side.  You might consider providing credentials in /etc/fstab  
and mount the shares that way.
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