[Samba] How to use local profiles in samba PDC?

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Tue Jul 28 16:44:22 MDT 2009

> Do I take it that there is no good way to have a mix of local &
> roaming profiles?
> IE: where if the user has a profile on the server they get it,
> otherwise they use a local?

You will benefit a lot by reading the section about redirected profile 
folders. I suppose it will do what you want.

I sometimes use local profiles for my users except for the "My 
Documents", "Desktop", "Favorites", "Application Settings", etc. which 
are redirected and reside on the PDC.

Besides some particular cases, the use of full roaming profiles is just 
not convenient these days because users keep gigabytes of files in their 
folders. The workstation would take a eternity to login to the domain. 
Redirected folders solve this problem since the files never leave the 
server and are available to all workstations from which the user logs in.

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