[Samba] Samba using Server 2k3 DC for auth and ACL permissions

Christian Rost cr at rocon-it.de
Mon Jul 27 02:34:11 MDT 2009

>These values were set using the permissions editor in windows 
>the problem i have is that the permissions do nothing 
>if i set a users from the domain to have full control of a folder, they
>still cant access it, only users listed in the smb.conf file for that
>share have access regardless of the acl permissions set, so im thinking im
>missing something config wise


it's the same as with Windows - you need two different sets of ACLs. One to access the share and one for the filesystem the share refers to.

If you're watching the filesystem ACLs cloesely, the "web/" directory is owned by user "root" and group"root". In addition User "600" and group "605" have full and user "602" only read access. 

Does any of these IDs match your "@MY+fileserveradmin" and @"MY+Domain Users". But perhaps it's only because you missed the samba-share-option "write list", which grants read/ write access to users/ group per share. 

If it doesn't help, increase the "debug level" to 2 or 3 and check the logfiles.



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