[Samba] tdbsam.

John H Terpstra - Samba Team jht at samba.org
Fri Jul 24 14:37:58 MDT 2009

On 07/24/2009 03:03 PM, Linux Addict wrote:
> The documentation says "As a general guide, the Samba Team does not
> recommend using the tdbsam backend for sites that have 250 or more users".
> Since we moved default passbd backend to tdbsam, does that statements still
> holds true.

I have to claim responsibility for that statement! Mea Culpa.

The statement ins the HOWTO was never intended to reflect on the
technical ability, or otherwise, of the tdbsam but rather a fact that
there are not many locations that have more than 250 users in a single
network location.  If your network users are spread across multiple
physical location it is mostly desirable to have more than just a single
PDC.  It is a simple fact that the tdbsam passdb backend is not able to
support a PDC and BDCs - for that it is necessary to use ldapsam.

Many sites have installed thousands of users with a tdbsam without any
problem.  The tdbsam passdb backend is full up to the task.  It just can
not be conveniently used with BDCs.

> As an FYI, I am using Samba-3.2.4, idmap_rid with tdbsam as backend for
> about 3 years with 2000 users on member server configuration authenticating
> AD 2003. Occasionally I had db corrupt issues, but restarting winbind
> resolved most of the times.

No argument with that statement - agreed.

> I am planning an upgrade to 4. Please someone confirm me on if tdbsam is
> improved to hold huge no. of objects.
> ~LA

- John T.

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