[Samba] couldn't find service netlogo

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Fri Jul 24 13:36:41 MDT 2009

> One of our winXP users intermittently can't process the login script. 
> sometimes it works and maps his drives, sometimes it doesn't. I have 
> the netlogon share configured correctly.
> Looking at the logs for the user in question, I see this when the user 
> logs in:
> "couldn't find service netlogo"
> "closed connection to service netlogon"
> it truncates netlogo in the log file, unless it actually thinks it's 
> looking for netlogo.
> Has anyone experienced this, or have any ideas?

I have the same entry in my log files, although in my case everything 
works and logon scripts are processed correctly.

couldn't find service netlogo

All of the Windows XP clients produce this.

I also have another entry with some clients:

couldn't find service (line ends with a space)

I didn't make all the possible efforts to solve this because everything 
is working, but this is not a "clean" situation and I will have to 
address it one of these days.

Any hints would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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