[Samba] SAMBA 3.0.3x and Sun Java One Directory Server 5.2 LDAP authentication

Robert Mottishaw mottrobe at isu.edu
Fri Jul 24 11:44:58 MDT 2009

Breaking it down more specifically, what values are needed for LDAP
authentication in SAMBA, in the smb.conf file?  I have the following set in

# Backend to store user information in. New installations should
# use either tdbsam or ldapsam. smbpasswd is available for backwards
# compatibility. tdbsam requires no further configuration.
  passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://xxx.xx.x.x:xxx
  ldap admin dn = ??=??,?=??,?=??
  ldap group suffix = ou=groups
  ldap user suffix = ou=people
  ldap suffix = ?=??,?=??
  ldap server = xxx.xx.x.xx
  ldap port = 389
#  ldap ssl = no
   domain logons = no

The x's and ?'s are to mask the real IP addresses and sensitive LDAP
information.  The smb.conf worked great when using /etc/passwd as the
authentication database.

Here's a bit from the SAMBA log.smbd log file, the same message repeated 15

  ERROR: failed to setup guest info.

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 1:49 PM, Robert Mottishaw <mottrobe at isu.edu> wrote:

> Is there a link or document that gives a good introduction to using Sun
> Java One Directory Server 5.2 for LDAP authentication with SAMBA on Solaris
> 10?  We have the schema loaded and have a functioning LDAP server with POSIX
> attributes.  How does one specify LDAP is the backend database to use for
> SAMBA authentication?  What attributes are necessary and which are not
> necessary for SAMBA use?
> Thank you,
> Rob M

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