[Samba] Request for feedback

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Thu Jul 23 05:25:27 MDT 2009

On 7/22/2009 7:21 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
>> What size limit should we observe for messages to this list?
>> 1) 64 KBytes
>> 2) 128 KBytes
>> 3) 256 KBytes
>> 4) 512 KBytes
>> 5) 1 MByte
>> 6) 2 MBytes
>> 7) Any size

> None of the above. 20k should be more than enough. Those who wish to share
> more should upload it somewhere and provide a URL to the upload in their list
> mail so that those who actually care about that particular large item can
> load it when they choose, and likely in a browser instead of an email agent.
> Offers to email large attachments privately could be encouraged as well.

I don't know about 20k, but I definitely don't see the need to allow
large attachments on a large mailing list like this...

64K should be more than enough for basic traffic - anything bigger, as
Felix said, should be uploaded somewhere with a URL link to it, so only
the ones who need it will download it.

Please don't change this limit...

What I would love to find is an easy to install/configure/use mail
server add-on that would strip off all attachments over a configured
size (in our business we deal with a lot of large attachments - I have
to allow a max of 50MB), and drop them on a filesystem, and add a link
to the email then pass the email on to its destination.


Best regards,


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