[Samba] Multiple versions of group profile?

Tc imo_tc at yahoo.com.hk
Wed Jul 22 13:57:29 MDT 2009

Hi all,

I want to setup a domain environment for about 1000 users,
all of them are in the same primary group called "student".

A mandatory profile is used to serve them all by pointing
the profile directory to something like /%G in smb.conf.

Now, because of language problem, users need to use
two language interfaces of windows (and MS Office). I found
that switching the language interface of vista involve group
policy and require the user to logout and login again, so it
seems that using a mandatory profile is simply not working.

Any suggestion to achieve this?

I have some ideas to solve the problem but both of them have
their shortcomings:

1. Create 2 accounts in two groups for each user

In this way, creating the two separate profiles is easy. However,
the user just have two identities, e.g. two email accounts, two 
home directories.

2. (*Ideal way*) Store the users' preference in their LDAP
directory / file whatever, then Samba roam the profile according
to the preference. But I don't know if it is possible or not.

Server: Samba 3.4.0 PDC with LDAP/PAM on Debian Lenny
Clients: Windows Vista Ultimate

Thanks in advance!

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