[Samba] Cross-subnet browsing problem

U Avalos amscopub-mail at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 10:12:07 MDT 2009

Hi all I followed the steps given in chapter 10 for getting cross-subnet to
However, the samba server can see the fileshares in the workgroup 
but the computers in the other subnet can't see the samba share. 

Here's the setup: I'm using a router to share an internet connection between a
windows box and a samba box. 

There is a WINS server. Samba is configured to use that.
There is a windows PDC and BDC. Samba is configured NOT to be the PDC
Samba is the LMB for the subnet
name order resolution is "wins host bcast" 

The windows and samba box can see other fileshares. However, other computers
can't see the two computers behind the router.

OK what am I missing? Why does browsing work only one way?

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