[Samba] Sharing same directory with Samba and NFS

jrmailgate-samba at yahoo.co.uk jrmailgate-samba at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 21 14:58:27 MDT 2009

>I'm running a single RHEL5 server that is currently serving out home
>directories and a public share via Samba. My Linux desktop clients would
>like to access these same shares via NFS. So, the age-old question, is it
>possible or am I looking at a lifetime of pain and corrupted data?
>I will eventually be running a cluster of 3 servers, one running Samba, one
>running NFS and one as a standby.
>I've read that "it's possible but....." nothing really specific.


I can only speak anecdotally, but we've been using Samba to serve filesystems to Windows clients from a Solaris server while simultaneously sharing the same filesystems to other Solaris, AIX and Linux boxes using NFS for over ten years without any issues.



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