[Samba] Difference in Samba and CIFS interms of keeping the deleted files opened

Gerald Carter jerry at plainjoe.org
Tue Jul 21 05:36:38 MDT 2009


> I looked at the enabling kernel oplocks in the samba configuration file and
> I have enabled "kernel oplocks = yes" in the [global] section on both of
> Linux-2.6.18-92 and Linux-2.4.21-47.0.1.ELsmp kernel machines running the
> samba and I notice that the behaviour is not as what is said. I still do not
> see the exception being NOT caught on Windows java program when I delete the
> file from a Unix terminal.
> Any idea, where I could be going wrong?

It sounds more like smbd maintains the opens file descriptor
as long as the client has an open file handle.  Standard
POSIX semantics allow you to delete open files with the inode
finally being released after the last open fd is closed.
I could speculate that it may be less to do with CIFS and more
to do with the server OS.  But that is pure speculation.

Have you looked at a network trace to see which SMB op caused
the IO Exception?  Does truncating rather than removing the
file change the application behavior?

cheers, jerry
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