[Samba] Deploying apps via policy

Mister Olli mister.olli at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 20 15:52:20 MDT 2009


depends on what your config should look like, as some parameters aren't

AD stuff works great. for the rest I would recommend installing samba4,
creating config and let 'testparm' have a look at it.

It tell's you whenever there's an unknown parameter. if it's something
you really can't live without you know that you need franky ;-))

I didn't test franky, but from my understanding you only have one config
file, so IMHO it seems as the best (full working) solution right now.

Mr. Olli

On Mon, 2009-07-20 at 17:27 -0300, Marcio Merlone wrote:
> Mister Olli escreveu:
> > No just use Samba4, it brings server side GPO support.
> >
> > If you miss some config options from samba3 you really need, you can try
> > compile samba with "--enable-merged-build" to enable building samba3
> > +samba4.
> > - samba3 then takes care of file sharing stuff
> > - samba4 handles the AD stuff.
> >
> > see http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Franky.
> >   
> At this point of samba4 devel, is it possible to run a small network 
> without the Frank stuff, i.e. a pure samba4 setup without samba3? I just 
> need an AD, file sharing and a couple of Windows server members, no 
> printers, no nothing fancy.
> Best regards.

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