[Samba] Change the OS Level of Windows

Richard Lamboj Richard.Lamboj at gmx.at
Sat Jul 18 12:34:43 MDT 2009


is there a way of changing the OS Level of Windows XP? Some time ago i have seen a strange thing. We have running 70 Windows XP Clients and we have three trusted domains with Samba. Sometimes logons on trusted domains are very slow or doesnt work. So i have searched and searched. I have turned one windows xp client after one off. I have found three Windows XP Computer that makes troubles. If this three Windows XP Clients are online, than trusted domain logins doesnt work! I have formated those Computers and reinstalled Windows XP, now it works. So is there a way to manipulate the "OS Level" of Windows? And why got a Windows XP Pro client Domain Logon Requests? Strange...

Is there a way to tell the WINS Server wich PDC is responsible for a Domain?

I also have switched the OS Level to 254 to got no troubles(on Samba).
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