[Samba] Backup Server

Adam Del Vecchio tux.ice at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 06:29:38 MDT 2009


I have a small issue. I am doing IT for a multi-user company, and cannot be
there to support them 24/7 (I have to go to school, 13 sucks). We have 2
servers, one of them is just standing idle, one of them is acting as a PDC.
I will be reinstalling the OS today, and would like to be able to do the

-User logs in
-User is working
-PDC fails
-User logs out
-Selects to logon to second server
-Keeps working until I can get the PDC back up again.

The way I understand it, this cannot be accomplished with a BDC as a BDC
relies on the operation of the PDC and is only used to take stress from the
PDC. I was thinking of setting the second server up as a realm, and using
rsync to sync the files between the 2 servers, or something like that.
Suggestions would be great.


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