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Tue Jul 14 15:27:15 MDT 2009

Ryan Bair wrote:
> Have you migrated the user data to the new ldap server? Unless Samba
knows about the users, they won't be able to log in.

No.  I was wanting to start off clean.  I have a perl script that I wrote
that will add the users in at one time.  I just created one user and one
machine account right now to test with.

Mr. Terpstra suggested using slapcat and slapadd.  I could do that, but I
am actually planning on changing usernames.  I use to truncate them at 8
characters, but I plan on quitting that.  I am going with
firstinitial.lastname.  I'll look at slapcat.  Maybe I can just export the
machines and not the users.

I am still a bit stumped on why this does not work though if I have added
the machine into the ldap directory.  Does Windows actually store some
information about the domain also that could be causing the problem?

I have a feeling that this upgrade is going to be a pain in the butt when
the teachers get back.  Especially with the name changes, because that
means when they login, a new profile is going to be created and all of
their documents will be in the other profile.  I have warned and warned
them to keep things backed up, and not just leave them on the computer

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