[Samba] net command in sernet -samba 3.4 for RHEL

Adam Cohen adamcohen at berkeley.edu
Fri Jul 10 17:20:06 MDT 2009

True.  It looks like something went wrong in my first install of 
samba3-client.  I ran a reinstall and the binary is there and working 

samba3-client conflicted with samba-common 3.0.33 provided by RHEL.  I 
removed that package first to resolve the conflict.   It's possible that 
is where things went awry.

The other side effect of removing samba-common is that it is required by 
Gnome and KDE.   So now I have no gui desktop.
RHEL bug 446349 -  libsmbclient requires samba-windbind (and samba-common) 

Miguel Medalha wrote:
>> After upgrading a test machine to Sernet's 3.4 package, it looks like 
>> the "net" command is gone.
> I am using that same Sernet package (i386 version) and the "net" 
> command is working perfectly here.

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