Re: [Samba] Simple group question...‏

Regis Niggemann regisn at
Fri Jul 10 00:14:06 MDT 2009

IF (and it's a big IF) a user HAS to have admin rights on the local machine,
then grant that user those rights only on their primary machine.  I
acknowledge that it can be a pain to administer if you have a lot of users
that use different machines.  But in most circumstances, a single user uses
a single machine and it's manageable.

On 7/9/09 11:06 PM, "Norberto Bensa" <nbensa at> wrote:

> 2009/7/10 Regis Niggemann <regisn at>:
>> Of course the problem with this method is you are granting that group admin
>> rights to all those computers.  If a single account in that group with those
>> rights becomes infected with some malware, it is possible for that malware
>> to infect ALL the computers.
> Do you know a better way?

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