Re: [Samba] Simple group question...‏

Regis Niggemann regisn at
Thu Jul 9 23:54:03 MDT 2009

Of course the problem with this method is you are granting that group admin
rights to all those computers.  If a single account in that group with those
rights becomes infected with some malware, it is possible for that malware
to infect ALL the computers.

Just saying...

> If you have 500 computers to admin, how do you remove Tom's admin rights?
> The best way is:
> - Create a new domain group.
> - Add users to new domain group.
> - Add this new domain group to the local administrators group on each machine.
> Now, every user in "new domain group" will have admin rights in the computers.
> If for some reason you think John Doe does not need admin rights
> anymore, you just remove him from the "new domain group"

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