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suphakit at gmx.com suphakit at gmx.com
Thu Jul 9 23:18:19 MDT 2009

This works for me ,you can try.

After join computer to domain  then log on to Windows Xp with local
administrator account and go to control panel -> addusers (select
account from your domain) -> Grant access level to your domain account
as "Administrator".

Or you can use "net" command to do this.

Open a cmd shell, then execute:

C:\> net localgroup administrators /add MYDOMAIN\tom


samba-bounces+hypermonk=hotmail.com at lists.samba.org on behalf of steve
> New to this windows domain stuff, sorry ( at my age learning new stuff        
> can take a while ).         
> I've set up a domain and joined a couple of XP workstations to is and        
> all is fine. What I want to do now is to ensure that the users of these        
> PCs still have administrative rights on their PC's.         
> Can anyone show me the basics / point me to a good guide on how to do        
> this???        
> TIA,        
> Steve        
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