[Samba] Simple group question...

Jonathon Doran jon at doransw.com
Thu Jul 9 16:33:13 MDT 2009

Quoting steve <steve at greengecko.co.nz>:

> New to this windows domain stuff, sorry ( at my age learning new stuff
> can take a while ).
> I've set up a domain and joined a couple of XP workstations to is and
> all is fine. What I want to do now is to ensure that the users of these
> PCs still have administrative rights on their PC's.
> Can anyone show me the basics / point me to a good guide on how to do
> this???

What I did was to create a new group "Desktop Administrators", and add  
that group to the local administrator group on each of my machines.  I  
keep a master image for a lab machine and update it periodically, then  
copy it to the other machines.  So an update to the local settings  
doesn't require running around to all machines.

Since we use LDAP to manage user/groups, adding/removing people from  
this new group is trivial.

I'm pretty new to all of this, so I'll be interested in hearing of any  
better solutions.  But this one seems to work well.

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