[Samba] Quick question on joining a Win2k3 domain

Kurt Buff kurt.buff at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 10:39:05 MDT 2009


New to the list, but have used samba off and on over the years, though
not recently.

I just installed 3.3.3 on a FreeBSD 7.1 box, and joined it to our Win2k3 domain.

It seems to work just fine, though initially I got an error.

I did:

	it-kbuff-fbsd# kinit _service at MYCOMANY.COM


	it-kbuff-fbsd# net ads join -U _service -S zad3.mycompany.com
	Using short domain name -- MYCOMPANY
	Joined 'IT-KBUFF-FBSD' to realm 'mycompany.com'
	[2009/07/08 19:41:37,  0] libads/kerberos.c:ads_kinit_password(362)
	  kerberos_kinit_password IT-KBUFF-FBSD$@MYCOMPANY.COM failed: Client
not found in Kerberos database

In spite of the error message, it seems to work, as there is an entry
in ADUC and after I've defined a share or two I can do a 'net view' of
the box and a directory listing against the shares from an XP machine.

I've also updated to 3.3.6, though, just in case.

Is the error message benign, or should I be researching further?

I didn't find much that seemed relevant after some googling with the
error message as a search term for about an hour yesterday.


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