[Samba] TOSHARG-StandAloneServer.xml translate finish and some 1 typo found

John H Terpstra - Samba Team jht at samba.org
Thu Jul 9 07:25:23 MDT 2009

OPC oota wrote:
> Now, TOSHARG-StandAloneServer.xml translate to Japanese finished(3.3.4 base).
> and 1 typo found.
> If all that is needed is a server for read-only files, or for
> printers alone, it may not make sense to effect a complex installation.
> For example, a drafting office needs to store old drawings and reference
> standards. Noone can write files to the server because it is legislatively
>            -----
>            None? or No one?
> important that all documents remain unaltered. A share-mode read-only standalone
> server is an ideal solution.
> </para>
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Thank you.  I replaced the word "noone" with the more correct form
"nobody".  According to Wikipedia the word noone is an obsolete form of
nobody.  Apparently, the word noone if an incorrect form of "no one",
are is a poor usage of English.

Thanks for pointing out the typos and gramatical challenges you find as
the docs are being translated.  Congratulations on the progress you are

John T.

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