[Samba] scary fill_share_mode_lock failed message

Jonathon Doran jon at doransw.com
Wed Jul 8 17:04:53 MDT 2009

I'm still working on figuring out why some accesses to profile data  
are failing.
We are running 3.3.2-0.33.fc11 (the latest release for FC11).

I saw this in the log file

   stat_cache_lookup: lookup succeeded for name [USER/STARTMENU] ->  
[2009/07/08 17:39:59,  3] locking/locking.c:fetch_share_mode_unlocked(857)
   fill_share_mode_lock failed

I saw Volker had a fix which went into 3.2.8 (I'm looking at the 3.2.9  
maintenance release notes).  It would be a big help if I could get a  
little clarification on this.

The files being accessed are on an NFS share from a large file server,  
since I have people who want to put 10G on their desktop.  Locking and  
NFS seem a likely culprit.  I would like to know if this is a scary  
message to ignore, if a newer version of Samba is required, or if this  
likely unrelated to any of my problems.  I see 3.4.0 is available, and  
if it isn't critical to install I'd rather wait for an official package.

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